Who we are

We are leather artisans, who create models and bags for existing brands and for ourselves. We are looking for the best materials and the best techniques for unique pieces that last over time.
Leather goods in the Florentine area have always made the difference in leather accessories trends in the world.



We buy leathers treated with vegetable tanning, always in Tuscan tanneries.
For almost 600 years master tanners have handed down the tradition of tanning, now with the help of advanced technology. Masters heirs of experience and knowledge, carefully execute the working process that leads the raw hides to become leather, in total respect for nature. A process based on the use of natural tannins from trees, new technologies and the slow passage of time.

The “vegetable tanning” is recognizable; capable of imparting to the leather unmistakable properties, versatility of use and uniqueness of the product.

Furthermore, tests on hides bring to high levels the quality of the product used for our creations.

With these leathers we go to design and create models that can be forward-looking, perfect worn by girls and demanding ladies.